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Thank you for taking the time to stop by Caviar & Kebabs – a food blog dedicated to taking your tastebuds on a world-wide tour. With a focus on Persian cuisine, in specific, and Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food, in general, this blog will be reviewing restaurants (and bakeries and anywhere else serving yummy treats), providing recipes (either my own or from those I admire/look up to), and sharing goodies from ethnic grocery stores (my favourite place to spend an afternoon). I’m interested in all aspects of Persian cuisine from the high-end (Caviar) to the more casual, family-style meal (Kebabs).

With the recent, rather racist, turn of events down in America (aka Donald Trump’s travel ban against 6 countries – with my Dad’s home, Iran, being one of them) I have a newfound desire to expand my knowledge base on the cuisines of my roots. My Dad is the one in the family gifted with incredible cooking talent so I was lucky to grow up tasting the foods of his upbringing in Iran – served in our Canadian kitchen.

It was very normal to me to grow up eating basmati rice, tahdiq, kebabs and various Persian stews. When guests would come over I would be more excited for the nuts, fruits and sweet platter that always accompanied the grown up’s chai (tea), than I was for the actual guests. When I had a tummy ache, I drank Nabod and I grew up learning the various health benefits of turmeric, sumac and other spices often used in Middle Eastern cooking. My Dad would regularly take me along with him on shopping trips to the Persian market and I would wander around in awe at all the colourful packages and incredible smells.

I think Persian culture (especially the food) should be celebrated and enjoyed not feared or discriminated against. I truly believe if we simply open our hearts, minds and most importantly – our stomachs, to other cultures we will learn to appreciate and understand them. That’s why I’m also going to be including other country’s cuisines in this blog that I may not be very familiar with simply because what better excuse for learning about them if not for my own research. I’m hoping to expand minds and palettes, one post at a time!