Best Brunch in Vancouver: Jam Cafe


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times – Jam Cafe offers THE best brunch in Vancouver, BC. The line that stretches down the block, no matter the day of the week (or the time of day), should be a good indicator. Ya sure, some brunch places have line ups every weekend but do they have lineups on a Tuesday at 10am? Do they even serve brunch on a Tuesday? Probably not. Jam Cafe, on the other hand, does brunch everyday until 3pm.

I’ve been to Jam Cafe too many times to count now but it wasn’t until my most recent visit that I finally made the leap and tried something new! Yes, the Blackstone Benedict is just TOO good to not order every.single.time. Although, I’m happy to report that the new item I tried (a bit of a modified version of The Harrison Fernando) was amazing, as well. To be honest, I’ll probably rotate between the two orders until I muster up the courage to order a third new thing! The drip coffee they serve – JJ Bean brand – is excellent, as well. Although I’ve only ordered an alcoholic beverage (mimosa special) with my brunch once, I still remember it being excellent – and strong!


Location: 556 Beatty St. Vancouver, BC

Environment: The ambiance is awesome – busy and lively but not cramped and crowded (how they pull off this delicate balance, I do not know). The only downside to this place is waiting in line, which is kind of expected as the food is too good to not understand why humans flock to this place en masse.


Service: 5/5 The service at this place is 10/10, every single time. How all these servers (and the host/hostess) deal with the amount of customers that they do in one brunch service and maintain a smile on their face the whole time is a mystery to me.


Blackstone Benedict – $14.00

(Two perfectly poached eggs – I always order medium – on top of sugar cured bacon, roasted tomatoes and an english muffin, finished with the best hollandaise ever)



This is the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had. Better than anywhere in the states, on the east coast, or in Europe. There is nowhere in Vancouver serving anything remotely as tasty as Jam Cafe’s version of the dish (although the Teahouse in Stanley Park does give them a run for their money).

The Harrison Fernando *with a twist! – $15.00

(A buttermilk biscuit topped with sugar cured bacon – I swapped out the chorizo for the bacon at no extra charge – two over medium eggs – usually sunny side up but I don’t like loose egg whites – and their house made sausage gravy)


This is the world’s most delicious sleeping pill. I was passed out cold less than an hour after eating this and had an amazing and restorative nap. I’m still trying to come out of the carbohydrate induced coma as I type this, so apologies in advance for all the typos and run on sentences. They were kind enough to let me mess with their original dish by adding their sweet and savoury candied bacon to the biscuit instead of the chorizo – I just wasn’t in the mood for it although I usually do love chorizo. They didn’t even bat an eye when I asked if I could also ask for my eggs to be done over easy as opposed to sunny side up. Super accommodating and made the changes at no extra charge. Ugh I love this place. The biscuit was UNREAL – fluffy and light and super flavourful. I would eat that biscuit, on its own, anytime. The sausage gravy was good, the dish could have used a little more but then again I liked to drown my biscuits in gravy so maybe I’m not the best judge of appropriate amounts. The sausage gravy wasn’t filled with sausage but it had just the right amount to give a nice flavour to the dish.

Final thoughts: Thank God Jam Cafe is now in Vancouver – the original location is in Victoria, BC a long ferry ride away. It’s my favourite brunch spot in the city, hands down. I’m not one to wait in line for anything but I will wait in line (within a reasonable time frame) to eat here, any day of the week. The service is great, the coffee is good and the food is consistently delicious. If you’re in town, you have to drop by Jam Cafe and get your grub on.

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