Feast: Brunch with a Soul Food Twist

So I’m kind of a Chicken & Waffle addict. I love fried chicken and I kinda love waffles but put the two together and drizzle sauce on top and I’M ALL OVER IT. I’m a big fan of sweet and savoury dishes and I find no meal quite as satisfying as this brunch combo. I’ve tried a lot of Chicken & Waffles in this city, my favourite was at the (now closed) Little District on Lonsdale. A lot of these dishes were good but very few were great. So I was skeptical when a family friend, who I ran into while having brunch at the restaurant next door to Feast, told me I HAD to try the Chicken & Waffles at the place next door.

Location: 2423 Marine Drive, West Vancouver BC

This area is two things – very white and very rich. To think that a Southern Style Brunch spot is so popular and SO good, in this neighbourhood, is mildly mind-blowing.


Environment: Classy and cozy. There is a large patio for dining al fresco when we actually do get some sunshine (so far, very few days this year). Inside, the space is well-utilized and fits quite a few seats (high top style, regular tables and bench seating too) without being cramped. The interior is light and bright and very airy. The whole place has a crisp, clean vibe going on. It’s a very enjoyable place to spend a few hours eating, drinking and enjoying good company.

Service: 5/5 Attentive, polite and fast. The service is A1 at Feast. The servers are well organized, anticipate your needs (perfect timing of coffee and water refills, always) and are very friendly. Their pace is excellent, I never felt rushed or forgotten about. I’d say that this is one of the best restaurants when it comes to outstanding service, in the whole city.


Mimosas – $5


FIVE DOLLA MIMOSAS HOLLA. These ones are simple, tasty and kinda strong ayo! They also have excellent coffee and I’d recommend a bottle of their sparkling water (that comes served on ice with a side of lime wedges) to re-hydrate after a late night.

Chicken & Waffles – $18


HOT DAMN this was so good. Everything about this dish, the chicken, the waffles and the sauces was perfect. The bacon pecan waffles are cooked perfectly, they are more cake than fluffy with enough strength to hold up the hearty fried chicken and all the sauces. The waffles are flavourful and quite big too! I had no problem finishing off this plate but it could easily be split between two people. The maple mascarpone maple sauce is divine. I could put it on anything and it would taste amazing, I’m sure. The star of this dish though is the fried chicken. This is the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life, there I’ll say it. The pieces are so large that you’d think it was still bone-in chicken but it’s boneless white meat chicken breast seasoned to perfection inside that crispy, crunchy skin. The chicken is juicy and flavourful. You can’t tell from the picture but there are TWO big pieces (one hiding behind the waffle) of chicken to accompany this dish. I found myself powering through both pieces, with ease.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’ve been to Atlanta, Savannah and Alabama but nothing I ate during those travels came anywhere close to the Fried Chicken & Waffles being served up at Feast. 10/10 recommend this dish to any and everyone. Make the trek out to West Van, it’s so worth it!

Bacon & Fried Green Tomato Eggs Benedict – $14.50


If there is anything I love as much as fried chicken, it is fried green tomatoes. At some point in my American travels, I can’t remember whether it was New York or the South, I fell in love with these crispy, crunchy tomato slices. I love the acidity of the tomato combined with the crunchy cornmeal dusted crust. I find the flavour so addicting I actually created a recipe for a Fried Green Tomato sandwich on my old blog (the first version – Squats & Soul Food). So, when I saw this dish on the Brunch menu at Feast, I had to give it a try.

The two perfectly poached (I mean perfect) eggs came sitting on top of a crispy but still chewy baguette slice, which I actually preferred to the default english muffin base. The very generous portion of hollandaise was tasty and creamy. The sauce held together perfectly and the sprinkle of chives on top added just a pop of flavour. Underneath the eggs sat crispy bacon slices that were tasty without being too fatty, and two slices of fried green tomatoes. The fried green tomatoes were seasoned well and added a touch of tartness to the dish which nicely balanced out the hollandaise and the bacon. The breading on the fried tomatoes held up well while I devoured this dish (never falling off the tomato).

The side salad and hash cake were great additions to the meal. The salad provided a nice balance to the richness of the eggs benedict. The hash cake was a unique version of the standard hash brown side with a very strong flavour of something (smoked paprika?) that made it almost addicting.

Weekday “Express” Lunch Special (mix and match between different soup, salad and sandwich options)

Gathering Greens Salad + Smoked Ham & Swiss Baguette – $14


Caesar Salad + Chicken Salad Sandwich – $14


My mom and I happened to be in the area, around lunch time the other day, so we thought why not pop into Feast. They had an “Express Lunch” option where you can choose two items out of a larger list of soups, salads and sandwiches. It was a great way to try a couple different menu items (my mom and I ended up splitting both dishes) and it really was express because the food was delivered rather quickly after ordering. Great choice for someone on their lunch break!


Both salads and sandwiches were really tasty but my favourites were the Smoked Ham & Swiss baguette and the Gathering Greens salad that had quinoa, pine nuts and feta – yum. Both sandwiches had ample filling and the bread they were served on was fresh and tasty.

Final Thoughts: 10/10 would recommend this place to anyone looking for an excellent brunch. Their version of soul food classics are great. There are so many other menu items that I’m going to have to return for – the Prawn Club, Poblano & Crab dip and Smoked Prawn Strozapretti are on my radar.

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