Glory Juice Co: Acai Bowls, Juices & the Best Damn Granola Ever

Photo taken on a very rare sunny spring day in Vancouver.

Favourite juice place in the city and they have an outlet on the North Shore now?! Thank you baby jesus. This place is awesome. Not only do they have a great selection of fresh, cold-pressed juices but they have absolutely delicious acai bowls and you can make any of their smoothies into a smoothie bowl (topped with granola etc), if you like. I’m kind of picky about my acai bowls, as I do make a really great one at home that I prefer over most places I’ve tried, but theirs is theeeee best. Love their #3 Green Drink (as one of the employees explained to me, it’s like “green juice lemonade”) and their Turmeric Ginger shots too. Great place, highly recommend!


Location: 125 Lonsdale (in the nice new building)

Environment: Clean, minimalist, and very calming. Pretty quiet even when it’s quite full.


Service: 5/5 no complaints here. Friendly, fast and informative service. I’ve never asked a question that I didn’t receive a thoughtful answer to. I have been generously offered samples of juice, many times (although I know what most of them taste like by now, it’s a great thing for new customers). The dark haired female who made my acai bowl at this location was SO sweet – she just oozed good vibes.


Acai Bowl – “Creamy Nutty” version – $13

THAT GRANOLA THOUGH. Oooooof – too good. The perfectly thickened Acai smoothie bowl (Glory’s nut butter is one of the ingredients) is topped with sliced bananas, cacao nibs, Glory’s own granola & honey. This is so so so so good. Like unreal good. I usually make my acai bowls at home because I think I make ones that are better than most places serve but no, Glory Juice Co. has me beat in this department.


Glory Granola – $14 

Kind of costly for granola but it’s house made and local so I’d rather support that than a big corporate version of granola, any day. Not to mention the bag is pretty big and I have literally never tasted any granola that is even remotely as good as this. Big win.


Turmeric Ginger Shots – $4

These will put some hair on your chest alright! Good for inflammation and immunity, these are my favourite little shooters. You can actually feel the difference in your system after shooting back one of these first thing in the morning.


#2 (small size) – (don’t remember the price maybe $6?)

This green juice is really nice and smooth. Fresh and a bit tangy but a really good option for those looking for a “beginner” green juice or something crisp and clean without any wild ingredients.


#14 (small size)

Pear and pineapple in this one make it a bit more complex of a green juice. Not as “clean and crisp” of an aftertaste as the #3 but still very delicious – just a bit more complicated (for lack of a better word)? I’m slowly introducing my Uncle to the world of green juice and he had a harder time drinking this one than the more “simple” green juices from Glory.


All Big Juices are $11.50 (to the best of my knowledge)

#3 – My favourite one! I love the sweetness from the apple but the cucumber, kale and celery make this juice super refreshing. I also love ginger in this green juice.


Seasonal blend – Watermelon, Pineapple, Raspberry, Lime, Mint & Ginger. YUM. Really fruity and tasty. Would be a perfect Mimosa mix …. just saying.


#12 – one of my personal favourites, not a green drink per se (it’s more grapefruit coloured?) but it is chock full of good-for-you ingredients. Love the ginger and lemon. This juice is really crisp and clean.


Assorted juice stacks I’ve purchased from this location (I like to mix and match my own combos for a few days).

Final Thoughts:

This is truly the best juice place in this city. Thankfully, it’s so much closer to my place now! If you haven’t been you have to give it a try. Definitely give the shots and delicious green juices a go. If you’re hungry, you have to get a Creamy Nutty Acai Bowl – SO GOOD.





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