*New* Yaas Grill House


When it comes to kebab, I’m a basic bitch. I really love the lowly ground beef kebabs aka kebab koobideh. Usually the cheapest, least celebrated item on a Persian restaurant’s menu – it’s easily the first thing I judge the quality of the restaurant on. Is the koobideh good? Is it mostly meat or is it mainly filler (bread etc.) – giving the ground beef skewers an odd texture and slightly “off” mouth-feel? Are the skewers evenly charred or are some bits blackened and the others barely warmed? Has any of the meat fallen off the skewers or have they finessed a fairly sturdy kebab? Most importantly, is it flavourful? Does the koobideh keep you coming back for more? Can you easily polish off 6-8 oz of ground beef (not something I normally do) in one sitting due to the addicting flavours?


Yaas’ new location definitely surprised me with how incredibly delicious their koobideh is. The first time I visited, both my friend and I ordered the Vaziri Kebab (one skewer ground beef and one skewer marinated chicken breast) and we both exclaimed that we wished we got two kebab koobideh skewers instead of the mix plate because the beef was SO GOOD. In fact, the next visit (and every visit since), I have ordered the Koobideh Kebab because it’s so delicious. I can safely say that this is the best kebab koobideh in the city. I recently returned to Mehman restaurant and did not find their koobideh to be as flavourful and well-prepared as the new Yaas Grill House.

Yaas new location is BIG. It’s on the bottom floor of a commercial building on 21st & Lonsdale. There is a ton of street parking around Yaas but they have also secured a level of underground parking directly beneath the restaurant. The space is beautiful (minus the unfinished railing/patio area) with big windows letting in tons of natural lighting, casual but chic furniture and big, sparkly chandeliers (yes, chandeliers – we are Persian, after all). There is a ton of seating and a really nice flow to the restaurant. There is even a convenient hand-washing station near where you pick up your cutlery (it is still a Cafeteria-style restaurant, just with a face lift) so you don’t have to trudge all the way to the washrooms.

Those beautiful pieces hanging on the wall are for sale 🙂

You place your order at the front till, take a number and find your own seating. The menu at the new Yaas locations seems to be smaller than their other location. They don’t appear to be offering specialty kebabs (e.g. ground chicken) or more casual snack foods (kotlet or salad olivieh) like their other location but the flavours of their current menu are very solid.

Kashk-e Bademjan (eggplant & onion dip)


Mast O Khiar (yogurt and cucumber dip)


Vaziri Kebab (one ground beef skewer + one marinated chicken breast)


Kebab Koobideh (two ground beef skewers)


Kebab Koobideh + Zereshk Polo (two ground beef skewers and rice w. barberries)


So good. Highly recommend. If anyone were to ask me where to go to get good Persian food in Vancouver, right now, I’d say Yaas Grill House (their new location) – for sure. There is enough seating so you probably won’t be waiting, no matter the time of day. The service is friendly and fast. The layout is beautiful and the food is always delicious. Wins all around!


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